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Installed new in May 2015, is the newest member of the Printing Enterprises family, Konica Minolta's C1085 High-Speed Digital Press. Here at Printing Enterprises, we are proud to be one of the first Printers to utilize this State of the Art equipment. Delivering world-class color that rivals offset printing at up to 4,800 pages per hour, our C1085 digital press is a print production powerhouse. With superior speed, accuracy and consistency, our C1080 can deliver spectacular color, quality and clarity that our customers expect. Speak with a friendly Customer Support Specialist for sample output from our equipment, We are certain you will be pleased.

Also new and notable, We have upgraded our variable data software to the more robust and powerful; FusionPro VDP Creator Suite 8. This upgrade allows us to create from the simple to the extremely complex personalized printed materials. So far we are very impressed with this upgrade, and we are certain you will also be impressed.

Stay tuned for many exciting happenings in 2016!!!